Help With Your Golden

Help With Your Golden


Characteristics Of The Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers are an excellent and very popular choice in dog breeds.

They make great pets, obedience competitors and/or show dogs.

Some also are good hunting dogs.

No matter what your intent may be to own a Golden Retriever, you’ll have

an excellent dog that will live up to its potential and then some.

Golden Retrievers are calm, well mannered and affectionate.

They are very intelligent, which makes training easier

and they are great for those who need a companion.




Many people prefer to get a Golden Retriever as a puppy.

This is a great idea and very rewarding if you have the time to invest in raising a puppy.

The bond will be for a lifetime.






Golden Retrievers are good with all ages so if you have children or don’t have children, a Golden Retriever can be a perfect addition to your family.

With Golden Retrievers being people-oriented, if you include your Golden Retriever in family activities you’ll enjoy many years of friendship for its lifetime.







Golden Retrievers love water!

Some will wade and chase sprinklers

but most will go for full immersion if you have a pond or pool on your property.








Grooming Your Golden Retriever


Brushing your Golden Retriever will help control shedding and prevent matting.  Metal brushes work extremely good.  Golden Retrievers will shed some fur throughout the year with an increase in the spring when the warm weather hits.

When the weather changes and the heat induces the shedding of the winter coat, a good brushing followed by a warm bath followed by more brushing can help speed up this process.

You don’t need to bathe your Golden Retriever often.  Once every month or two is enough.  Take care to avoid getting water in the dog’s ears.  Shampoos that are specifically made for dogs are recommended since human shampoo can dry out a dog’s skin.

When you cut your dog’s nails, trim them with care to avoid going into the quick.  If the quick is accidentally cut, a styptic powder can be used to stop the bleeding.


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